Clear Stamps

These stamp sets are available in “Clear stamps” (Photopolymer stamps)
which resists yellowing with long durability and sticks to the acrylic block easily and gives, clean and crisp images everytime!

so easy and fun to use, with lots of stunning designs to choose from.
NOTE: {To get more crisper image,use a foam pad/sheet below your paper when stamping, this gives a highlighted result to all the intricate designs and patterns.}

Apply the clear stamp to an acrylic mounting block, ink and stamp.

Cleaning your clear stamps:
They are wash and wear.  Use a mild soap and water. Allow to dry.
Stamp cleaners may be too strong to use.  They will wear down your stamps so that the image can no longer stamp (and gets worse as they break down over time/use.) 

Storing your clear stamps:
Keep them away from heat and direct sunlight.
Keep the theme/sets together in the original storage containers.



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