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Hello dear crafty friends!
This is Konica Das, owner of Craftyscrappers ,
and today i am here to introduce our  talented and
hardworking Design Team members with you all.
yes, you heard it right…”Design Team members”..!!!
we are overwhelmed with the Design Team call..that we posted recently and really thrilled so many of you, lovely and talented crafters responded to us.
 out of so many requests, we could only select a few.. for the month JULY-DECEMBER

But we are sure… to pick up  other crafty people too… in the coming days..
so stay tuned with us for our next DT call!!!
You can also join us as GDTs by emailing us your creations pics or by winning our challenges.


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Now it’s time to welcome our sweet and talented Design team members.




Hi, This is Archana Sehgal here,
I am a self taught artist, I am always looking for new techniques to try my hand on, My style of work is evolving, I explored different types of painting techniques and mediums, Recently I fell in love with mixed media technique, my paintings often contains bold, bright and vibrant colors, I love the idea of layering several colors, patterns and textures into painting, I personally feel creating art is strongest way to express yourself and your visualization.. I believe in the positive effects of art as it relates to physical and emotional health. Whether creating art or simply viewing it, I believe that art has the power to improve the quality of our lives. In a society that is increasingly fast paced and stressful, art provides a way for me to relax and rejuvenate.
The reason why i would love to join Craftyscrappers is because I feel so proud that there is Indian company who make their own products line like stamps, stencils, shimmer pastes,shimmer sprays,chalk paints,fun foils and much more,
and you can imagine how excited I was when I found out there is a design team selection in my skill set, i believe in the value of teamwork, its really awesome working with others towards the common goal, and exploring new mediums to work with in different different techniques,  so i would like to join you guys and be a part of your fabulous and creative company.


“Thankyou Archana Sehgal for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”



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Hi, This is Arpita Tornal here,
And I have been crafting for almost 12 years now,am passionate about what i do..Crafting is a very integral part of my every day life.
My Area of expertise are Decoupage,Mixed Media,Sospeso are my current favorites to do.i also used to do Hand embroidery, jewelry making,candle making,glass painting and mosiac art.
I am so happy to be a part of your team as I recently have used your products and enjoyed working with them ..Its an honor to be associated with your brand .



“Thankyou Arpita Tornal for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”



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Hi, This is Devika Gujral here,
Crafting is not an activity for me but a way of life. I am a Dehradun based crafter, crafting professionally since 2015. I sell my products at exhibitions, conduct workshops in Dehradun, Delhi and Gurgaon .
Area of expertise:

Cardmaking, Decoupage and Mixed-media canvas.All my blog posts are well explained in detail with either a pictorial depiction of each and every step or a complete video tutorial.
I also enjoy making craft videos, so I will be more than happy to do videos for the blog posts 🙂
Why I like Craftyscrappers?

For a girl whose entire life revolves around crafting, there are three yardsticks by which I gauge any and all craft supplies : their versatility, finish and durability.
All Craftyscrappers products be it stencils, stamps or pastes, chalkpaints, have exceeded my expectations on all three fronts.
In a sentence, I simply LOVE your products and your designs. To be a part of the designing process and create products for you will definitely be a feather in my cap.


“Thankyou Devika Gujral  for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”



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Hi, This is Mugdha Gujarathi here,
I am a MBA in marketing and teacher by profession,I live in
small town Yeola near Nasik, currently i am stay at home mother of
little boy and full time crafter. i started my crafting journey with
quilling,calligraphy and flower making and now enjoy doing cardmaking
and mixmedia. I love to explore new techniques and i try to
incorporate indian products into my projects, I am inspired by many
crafters and hope i can inspire a few too.
I am delighted to be a part of craftyscrappers team as being an
indian it is a proud feeling to see the indian company doing so
well,secondly i am also a big fan of the quality and collection of your
stamps,stencils and the variety of products and their pocket friendly price.
I have been following your brand for long  and have loved to
see elaborate work by your designers. Being a part of your team will not only
widen my horizon but also be a platform to showcase my own work.
I am so happy and honored at the same time excited to be part of
Craftyscrappers team.Thank you so much for having me in a Team.




“Thankyou Mugdha Gujarathi  for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”



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Hi, This is Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan here,
I am a researcher by profession and love crafting. I have been crafting for a while. I started with quilling and progressed to handmade cards. Other crafting I make apart from cards are foamiran, kundan rangoli, envelopes.. My Area of expertise isCardmaking and Scrapbooking

I have used and love craftyscrappers stamps and stencils. Products are unique and gives a lot of scope to work and use them differently. To be a part of Craftyusrappers DT ,will give me more scope to think and experiment.


Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan ‘s Social media links :

Facebook Page


YouTubesimple art craft

Blogspot : 



“Thankyou Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”



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Hi, This is Soniya Agarwal here,
and I am so happy to be a part for one of my favorite craft supply brand, craftyscrappers.
I love working on mixed media projects, cards making and scrapbooking. I also specialize in varieties of magnets.

I am a corporate Interior designer by profession and artist by passion. I have been around amazing supplies since my childhood as my Dad is a dealer and distributor of many stationery brands in Orissa.
I could start with crafting after taking a break from my job. Nothing can be more satisfying then working on amazing projects. I have been always blessed to come across amazing people who placed their order and later on became my good friends. Crafting is not only my passion but my dream come true.
Thank you so much for this opportunity for artists to join your team and create something beautiful!!


Soniya Agarwal  ‘s Social media links :

Facebook Page :


YouTubeGrowing Craft

Blogspot :



“Thankyou Soniya Agarwal  for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”


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Hi, This is Sweety Gupta here,
And I am a passionate crafter. I mainly make cards and art journals.

It is an immense pleasure that I am a part of Craftyscrappers DT .
Craftyscrappers is one of the leading Indian manufacturer of unique stamps and stencils and so many mixed media products.
I like both card making and mixed media. I make CAS cards mainly, but with dimension and fun elements. Shaker cards are a favourite. When it comes to mixed media, I work often with my art journals. Here, I feel like I have more space and layers and a variety of products to work with.

I am an Asst Manager at a government bank, but really a crafter at heart. I started crafting seriously almost 2 years ago, with limited craft supplies at hand. I came across Craftyscrappers and immediately fell in love with your products. I have to say that Craftyscrappers is a store full of variety and a one stop shop for crafters of all kind. I already own a lot of products from the store, and my hands are always itching for more.

Crafting is sort of a meditative experience for me. As a kid, my hobby was sketching. As a teenager, I made over 20 scrapbooks for my friends and cousins. Now, in the fast changing world of crafting, with the advent of stamps and dies, my interests lean heavily towards card making and mixed media. I derive inspiration at the oddest of places – the colour combination on a pillow cover, a quote with deeper meaning or even a particular stamp set!Challenges are fun to play along, but what’s most satisfying is creating personalised products. I have made personalised products for clients, which includes a wide range of interactive wedding cards, scrapbooks, canvas, and even a wedding calendar. One of my favourite amongst these has been a wedding invite, which received extremely positive reviews.

Craftyscrappers has contemporary/modern designs as well as traditional ones. So, crafters have a lot of options to choose from. The stamps are so unique and different and no Indian manufacturer makes them so. Oh the stencils are simply gorgeous! I am hoping to get my hands on shimmer pastes and try new crafts with it. Everything is so perfect for mixed media projects, as well as CAS cards, the two fields I like the best in paper crafting. Most importantly, your products are pocket friendly while delivering on quality.

I would also like to mention an incident here. Whenever I have messaged Ms.Konica Das (owner at craftyscrappers) regarding any issues faced, she has promptly replied and helped. She is such a dedicated person and I’d love to take this opportunity to work with her firm. Craftyscrappers truly does seem professional and customer centric.


Sweety Gupta ‘s Social media links :

Facebook Page

Instagram :

YouTube :

Blogspot :


“Thankyou Sweety Gupta for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”


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Hi, This is Anjali Sharma here,
And I am so glad that Iam a DT member of such a wonderful team and brand.
I am a delhi girl who is a full time crafter and I love making beautiful stuff and playing around with papers and embellishments, I am working since 4 years in crafting industry, I am a keen learner and try to experiment with my projects and work on them till am fully satisfied with the result.
Craftyscrappers is a awesome platform for crafters and it is really an honor to work with such wonderful people and team.
Also working with such a team will bring much more expertise in work. Am looking since long to be a part of your Design team.
This is my first time being a Dt, i would like to thanks Konica and the entire craftyscrappers team for giving me the opportunity to work with the team and I assure to deliver you the best of projects.


Anjali Sharma ‘s Social media links :

Facebook Page

Instagram :

YouTube Anjali’s handmade cards

Blogspot :


“Thankyou Anjali Sharma for joining us as DT here at Craftyscrappers.”


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So everyone.. lets welcome them with lots of love and support.
you all can check their creations at their facebook/youtube and blogs.
we are sure to have lots and lots of fun… together.
see you all in the upcoming inspirations!!!
We will soon come back with lots of inspirations and fun challenges!
so stay tuned!


Watch out for more in the coming days… 
And Do join us in our upcoming challenges!

Looking forward to your participation in the challenge.

 Thank you so much for stopping by!!

konicaAnd the entire Craftyscrappers Team!!!