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Hello Everyone,

It’s Priyanka here at Craftyscrappers blog and today
I am going to share a picture tutorial on Tower Box!


I hope you will get inspired and participate in our CURRENT CHALLENGE  for this month of October which is still ongoing…
If you missed our previous post,check it out here…

CHALLENGE#16:”Sparkle It Up”

You can create cards, layouts, journal pages, altered art, MDF items, anything crafty and add glamour to your projects in any form, be it foil, glitter, shimmer or anything to sparkle it,to participate…
Last date of submission is 31st Oct 2017.


to win amazing prices!!!

Possible image 1

It’s a fun gift box and as Diwali is arriving it could be a perfect gift for anyone.
 It can hold 4 items and that too in such a small space!

Here’s a look at the completed Tower Box:


Possible image 1

So let’s begin with the pic-tutorial…


I started with a black thick sheet of paper measuring 12.5 by 6 inches.
Here 0.5 inches (in 12.5) is for securing box so that it could close well, so for further measurements keep this 0.5 aside & all measurements will be done with 12 inches only.


Now score it as shown in the picture below:


Divide 12 inches into 4 parts of 3 inches & 6 inches into 4 parts of 1.5 inches.
White boxes running diagonally is the space to glue smaller paper boxes. In rest of the space glue pattern paper of your choice.

Here is the picture after adhering the pattern papers…



These are the pattern papers i have used…


Pattern papers used here are from “Paper Designer” & “Papericious” these are available at
Now let’s make smaller boxes, for this I picked 4 thick pattern paper sheets of 6 by 6 inches.
Took one and scored it horizontally & vertically as per the measurements shown below


Crease the lines using bone folder or ruler & glue the ends together

Repeat the same for remaining three boxes.



Also prepare the lid using same process but with 6.1 by 6.1 inces, mid section of 3.1 inches & sides of 1.5 inches each.


Now let’s work on the front side of the box…
I glued the pattern paper pieces to it.



Added the sparkling SHIMMER PASTE-SONOMA using
the BRICK STENCIL from Craftyscrappers.

It was so easy to use this small stencil, Craftyscrappers have an option to customize stencil size of your choice, isn’t that great to get as per your requirement.

Here’s how it looks, once shimmer paste applied:




Look at this lovely shade in yellow…totally sparkly!!!



Added some color splatters in blue & black…


Now glued the smaller boxes inside to the main sheet..




Embellish the box as per your choice,
I added this cute stamped image,  to the paper dolly die cut.
This cute mini stamp set “BOUQUET OF HAPPINESS” is also from Craftyscrappers
and  is designed by me 🙂

Possible image 1

Here are some of the close-ups:




This is how it looks once opened:



I have added lots of flowers, laces, pollen’s and rhinestones to the lid.

 Possible image 1
I hope you liked the box & enjoyed the post, do give it a try & share your creations with us, and don’t forget to leave some love 🙂
We have an interesting challenge going on, called  Sparkle it Up for October 2017, do join us and share your creations. (Details at the beginning of the post.)
So that’s all for today…..

Happy Crafting!
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SHABBY CHIC CARD AND TAG: a brief tutorial!

hi friends!
This is vani here and i m back at craftyscrappers blog with beautiful shabbychic card
and tag using the amazing fun foils, shiny shimmer pastes and fabulous shimmer sprays and off course with the beautiful peacock feather stencil.





Before starting with the tutorial ,
let me tell you… that Craftyscrappers challenges will start from the month of october’2017
so gear up to share your beautiful creations to win exciting craftyscrappers goodies…

Now.. lets talk a little about the supplies that i have used.


Possible image 1


This is the first time i have used fun foils
To create both of my projects i have used, the


these fun foils are super shiny and are of professional grade .
They work well with any lamination machine available,
if you want to heat transfer using these super shiny foils or
they can also be used with Big shot and Cuttlebug machines, where you do not need heat to transfer the foils… which is great!!! since many of us do not have lamination machines at home, Craftyscrappers also have launched, the fun foil glue, that works perfectly with these fun foils.They come in 16 gorgeous colors to chose from as well.



Then i also used the amazing and one of a kind shimmer paste, that stand out from the rest of the products in the market.
The shimmer pastes that i used for the projects are






These shimmer pastes add a fabulous layer of shimmer and shine to any craft project  and you can use any kind of stencils with these shimmer paste to create beautiful sparkling details and add the touch of beauty to any card, scrapbook or mixed media.
The best thing about them is that these can be used on paper, cardboard,chipboard,acetate, wood, glass,mdf,fabric and even on layered stencils.
These shimmer paste r so smooth and so shiny… that i love to work with it and the results are super-duper awesome.

To create my artwork. i have also used the
shimmer sprays.
The shimmer sprays that i have used for my projects are :

GRAPE JUICE(CS-SSP-04)_677x768




The colors of these shimmer sprays are so intense and beautiful that you will fall in love with it.


Possible image 1



Here’s a look at the completed tag and card:







So lets begin with the tutorial…


Possible image 1



So this is my First project, which a shabby chic card:




First, i took a white card stock and then i stuck brown pattern paper with the help of crafty glue that was send in my dt kit.
After that i applied another white pattern paper on the brown card stock, to create layers.
after that i placed the Peacock feathers stencil over my working area and secured it with the help of the  masking tape.then applied the beautiful.. shimmer paste on it.
The shimmer paste that i have used here is called-
and added some more pattern paper and shimmer paper on top of it.Then I decorate my card with some mulberry flowers and charms and applied some glitter glue on both the sides of the card.
And thus finished with my shabBy chic card.


Possible image 1


here are some close-ups:


Possible image 1



Here’s my second project, which is a tag…





First i took a plain white tag and distressed it  with two inks.
After that i placed the peacock feather stencil on it with the help of masking tape and then i sprayed grape juice shimmer spray on the half part of the tag and let it dry.
Once dried i sprayed sweet pumpkin shimmer spray on the rest of the tag.
Once everything was dried, i applied the shimmer paste “butter” on the top and the bottom of the tag.
after that i applied double side tape on the sides of the tag and used the fun foil with the tape and rubbed it smoothly.
Finally i  removed the left over foil sheet and i was done.
it looked so amazing and beautiful!!!
Lastly i applied some mulberry flowers and stones in the  center of the tag and finally i took a die cut and stamp a sentiment on it and placed it on the tag with the help of a foam tape.

Possible image 1



here are some close-ups:

Possible image 1

I really love  working with craftyscrappers products, they have a wonderful collection of products at a very reasonable rate.

you can check their huge collection at the STORE.

i hope i inspired u all


Thank you so much
lots of love,



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Hello Everyone,
This is Deepti... and I’m so excited to be on CraftyScrappers blog today,
with my first DT post. I hope you have seen my DT kit reveal video yesterday…
If not you can check it here
I got a variety of goodies and some of them I have used in this project that i am going to share with you today.



Possible image 1



I ‘m sure everyone of you must have some empty jam/honey/sauce glass bottles/Jars at home and if you are clueless what to do with those bottles…
Then, continue reading this post and learn with my photo tutorial..
How to covert those plain glass Jars/bottles in to a perfect Home Decor..

So let’s begin… ( picture heavy post)


Possible image 1


Craftyscrappers Supplies used:
Other Supplies used:



Chalk Paint – white

Jute chord

Metal Charms

Possible image 1
Prepare Surface

I took a empty glass Jar, cleaned it’s surface properly and applied a coat of gesso.
A layer of gesso makes the surface ready for painting. 


Empty jar and gesso (before)

After one coat of gesso
Paint the background
Once dried, I painted its surface with white chalk paint ( you can use acrylics too) using sponge and let it air dry.

After applying chalk paint
Add Texture

Then I added the texture with Crafty Scrappers “Shimmer Paste” ( color – Dreams) using “Rose Bunch” stencil. You have to be very patient while doing this step…
I applied the Shimmer paste one side at a time and before applying it to another side ,
I let it air dry ( You can use heat gun to fasten this process :))
Close up to show the shimmer



Embellish it

I have used Jute chord, Metal charms,
Mulberry Roses & Crystal beaded Pollens
from Crafty Scrappers
to decorate my jar.
I loved the outcome…I hope you too…
some more shots.. 🙂 
Possible image 1
Isn’t it Beautiful..
I’m going to plant some succulents in this…
I really enjoyed whole process.
.I hope you will get inspired and make your own master piece for your home sweet home..
Possible image 1
Thank you so much for stopping by!!
I will be more than happy to help you with any query.
Keep watching this space for lots of inspirations & tutorials.
Hugs xx



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DT KIT REVEAL- Deepti Aggarwal

Hello Wonder people,
This is Deepti from Craftyscrappers Design Team
and today i am here to share my awesome 
DT KIT that i received recently.

I am adoring each and every product that craftyscrappers has launched so far because of its versatility, their quality and best thing is that…they are all  MADE IN INDIA,
and i am super excited to be a part of this wonderful team.

Possible image 1

THE DT KIT has a wide range of products,
that is available at the store at a very reasonable rate,
and Craftyscrappers is bringing up more awesome products that are just perfect,
If you are a scrapbooker, a card maker or a mixed media artists!
These products are for you!!!!

Okay, so let me give you a brief about these amazing products…
and also what all i received in my DT KIT.

Possible image 1

The First product in  the kit were the awesome CLEAR CRAFT STAMPS  that are known for their quality, versatility in sizes they come up in and their super gorgeous designs.
They have some gorgeous 
BABY THEMED STAMP SETS, Check them out..

They have around 200  plus awesome designs for every occasion… weather you are looking for general occasion stamps, floral or backgrounds stamps or Indian festival stamps…
they have it all!
You can check the complete list of gorgeous stamps here.

Possible image 1

Next in my DT KIT, was a pack of beautiful mulberry flowers…
that will add the touch of beauty to any craft project.

Craftyscrappers have a huge collection flowers as well, from handmade paper flowers
to fabric and even scrap-booking flowers.

Possible image 1

Here’s a quick look at them:

Possible image 1

Next in my DT kit, was the beautiful and shiny, FUN-FOILS… which are professional grade heat-transfer foils.They come in 16 gorgeous colors to chose from.
These super glitzy foils  , add Stunning Sparkle and shine to your craft projects.
They work well with any lamination machine available, if you want to heat transfer.
They also work like a charm with Big shot and Cuttlebug machines, where you do not need heat to transfer the foils.

Here’s a quick look at them:

They also have a video featuring a step-by-step process how to foil.
it can be found here.

These fabulous fun foils can be used in Paper, Fabric, Wood, Fingernails, Polymer Clay, Leather, and other surfaces.

Possible image 1

Next in my Dt bag, was the The Shimmer Pastes, that they launched recently.

Here’s a quick look at them:

they add a fabulous layer of shimmer and shine to any craft project and we can use stencils with these shimmer paste and create beautiful sparkling details and add the touch of beauty to any card, scrapbook or mixed media.
These pastes can also be used on paper, cardboard,chipboard,acetate, wood, glass,mdf,fabric and even on layered stencils.

Possible image 1

Then in my DT KIT, was this “Layered stitched stars Metal die”: from madrasbaazar,
Madrasbazaar is another craft supply company run by Manisha Bisani and is now collaborated with craftyscrappers.
They have beautiful and pocket friendly Metal dies which will surely add fun touch to cards and scrapbooks!

Other than these, i also received, shimmer sprays… stencils and a lot of other crafting supplies.

Do check out the Complete Reveal of my DT KIT


Possible image 1

Be sure to check back with us,
as i will be coming up with some inspirational tutorials next.

You can buy all the supplies listed in the DT KIT at the craftyscrappers store:

Thankyou so much!




clear craft stamps, craft papers, craftyscrappers products, Dt inspiration, DT MEMBERS, Handmade Flowers, paper die cut outs, scrapbooks, shimmer spray, simmer sprays

A PREGNANCY ALBUM: Start-to-finish!

Hi everyone this is Vani here on the blog today
and i m so excited with my first DT post for crafty scrappers

I m sure u must have watched the DT KIT REVEAL  video…
showing all the amazing things Konica sent me.
if not! you can check it here.


Possible image 1


So today I m here to share with you all,
my first tutorial post where
I”ll teach u a pregnancy album,
from start to finish!!

Possible image 1



Here’s a quick look  at the completed album.




So lets begin!



I have Started with the mdf pregnancy album first which I bought from rakhi Mittal
and applied acrylic paint on the lady and  the corners too.


(This is how it will look…)






Then, after the paint dried, I have cut the pattern papers according to the  measurements of the mdf album pages.
I covered the whole album and its pages with the  pattern papers.


(This is how they look…)






After I finished covering the pages with the pattern papers, I took some  baby mdf embellishments  and applied a thick layer of gesso on all mdf cutouts.


(This is how they look…)







After I finished with the gesso,
I took a white card stock and the beautiful pregnancy themed stamp,
“GREAT ADVENTURE”  from Craftyscrappers and stamped the image,
colored and fussy cut them.


(this is how it looks…)






After I fussy cut the image , i then  applied a layer of  glossy accent on to it, to add dimension and shine to the image and left it to dry.

(this is how it looks…)





After i finished with the stamped image, I started decorating the front cover of the album.
I took the mdf sentiment “so many happy memories” and coated it with gesso.
I  used the distress inks, spun sugar to add the color to the sentiment and  applied a thin coat of the shimmer paste,
“TICKLED” by craftyscrappers on to it. 
The shimmer paste r superb as it gives really nice dimensional effects!

(this is how they looks…)






I then attached the “pregnant lady” that i previously stamped,colored and fussy cut, using some double sided foam tape,next to the mdf sentiment.
And positioned it to the left side of the album.
I then,took an oval shaped frame and decorated it with Craftyscrappers Mix mulberry flowers pack that i received in my DT KIT and stuck it on  the side of the corner, creating a beautiful bunch of flowers.
I also attached a butterfly on it, after applying a coat of  distress ink and ranger stickles to make it a bit shinny and also adhered a small piece of net under the flowers.
I also added  some mix embellishments (blings and pearls) and finished the page.


(this is how they look…)






Next, I decorate whole Album in a similar manner as i did before, i decorated all the pages with the pattern papers and embellishments.
In few pages i have also used another lovely stamp sets from craftyscrappers,
“SWEET BABY” and “LITTLE ONE” that has some really cool sentiments that is very useful when creating pregnancy or baby related albums.


(this is how they look…)






After finishing the whole album I finally put some rings and decorated the albums  with ribbons and charms.

Here are some close ups:



Possible image 1

So that’s all for today, i hope you enjoyed the tutorial as i had so much fun creating it.

Do drop by the store to check out this stamp set along with some newly
released stamps sets and Transfer Fun-Foils too.
And as always, keep checking the blog as we are coming up with lots of fun inspirations and tutorials for you all!!!
Thank you for stopping By.

Stay Healthy and  keep Crafting.


Love n Regards,