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Hello Everyone,
This is deepti and i hope you are doing good and
that you had loads of fun participating  in our previous challenge.

Well, im sure you all had!!!
I’m back at Craftyscrappers blog today and this time I have a Video tutorial on how i created this beautiful scrapbook layout  using craftyscrappers newly launched stamp sets, Fun foils, and shimmer pastes as an inspiration for our ongoing challenge, “SKETCH”
This is the first time I’ve used Craftyscrappers fun foil glue with foils in my scrapbook layout and I really love the outcome…..
Craftyscrappers shiny transfer foils are professional grade and are proudly made in INDIA, and these super glitzy foils , add Stunning Sparkle and shine to your craft projects.
What stopped me till now was the investment in laminator machine for foiling….
But these fun foils are really fun to work with.
You don’t need any fancy tools for this.. and in my Video tutorial i will show how these can be easily used with a fun foil glue and without a lamination machine and also work like a charm with Big shot and Cuttlebug machines, where you do not need heat to transfer the foils to your craft surfaces.
Possible image 1

I hope you will get inspired and participate in our current challenge,

But before I start, let me tell you our challenge for November month is ongoing, if you have missed the previous post check it out here

You can create any project using the provided sketch it can be a layout, a journal page, a simple card, interactive cards, mixed media canvas or project, altered art, anything crafty,to participate…

  • Last date of submission is 30th November 2017.



To win this amazing goodie bag!



Do read the challenge rules at the beginning of the post, the link will take you straight to the challenge post, where you can enter via Mr.linky.

We would love to see your creations… 🙂 

Possible image 1

So back to the Video tutorial now.. 🙂

But before moving to the Video tutorial ..
Let me share the picture of my Scrapbook layout:
Some close-ups:




Possible image 1



So without further ado.. 🙂

Here is the Video tutorial…

Possible image 1



Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, 
Do leave some love and feedback below.
Don’t forget to join our craft challenges (details at beginning of the post)
You can participate via mr.linky (at the end of the challenge post)
or via facebook, instagram and even via email.
(While sharing your creation post over social media 
via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
please use #Craftyscrappers challenge17 to qualify for submission,
failing to do so entry will be disqualified.)

Happy Crafting!







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ONE SHEET MINI JOURNAL BOOK: a video tutorial!

Hello Everyone!
This is Priyanka on Craftyscrappers blog today and I am super excited to share a video tutorial on “One Sheet Mini Journal Book” , with the magic of shimmer sprays!
Isn’t it amazing to make your own journal book that too in a quick way no binding….no messup to join the pages…….just with one sheet!
And yes it has good enough pages to record your memories!
Possible image 1
But before i start with the tutorial, let me tell you
We have an interesting challenge going up on Craftyscrappers,
for the month of October…
If you have missed to check the post, do check it out here

CHALLENGE#16:”Sparkle It Up”

You can create cards, layouts, journal pages, altered art, MDF items, anything crafty and add glamour to your projects in any form, be it foil, glitter, shimmer or anything to sparkle it,to participate…
Last date of submission is 31st Oct 2017.


To win this Huge goodie bag from Craftyscrappers.



Let me quickly share the contents of the goodie bag in detail that you will be receiving :


  1. Craftyscrappers stamp sets:
    Wishing you tons of fun- 5X5inches.
    u sprakle- 5x5inches.
    Damask this! – 2×3 inches. 
  2. Craftyscrappers Fun- foils: (8x8inches/5 sheets per pack)
    Glitzy Gold – 1 pack. 
    Stormy violet- 1 pack.
    Tempo Teal- 1 pack. 
  3. Craftyscrappers Stencils:
    Create- a-Scene -1 pack.(6.5×6.5inches.)
    Rose flowers-1 pack. (4×5.5inches.) 
  4. Craftyscrappers Shimmer pastes:
    Envy- 1 Bottle.
    Salmon- 1 Bottle.
    Stem- 1 Bottle.
  5. Craftyscrappers Shimmer spray:
    Bitter lemon- 1 Bottle.
    Sweet Sunshine- 1 Bottle.
  6. Craftyscrappers Shimmer tapes:
    Golden Chevron


So thats all you’ll get in the win, isnt it great!!!

You can participate in our challenge via email, facebook, and instagram too.
Just add ( #craftyscrappers challenge16 ) and thats all!

Possible image 1

Now let’s get started how to make this lovely journal…
First let me share what all I used to make it,
here is the list of complete items used:
Possible image 1
The focal point of my project are shimmer sprays.
I have used shimmer mist technique here.
To get a lovely effect you just need to blend the beautiful shades of sprays along with water…
Repeat till a bright shiny effect is achieved.
Here’s the completed “One Sheet Mini Journal Book” :
Some close-ups: 

Possible image 1
Have a look on this Video tutorial to learn the making process:

It was great working with these shimmer sprays, shimmer pastes and stencils too!
Possible image 1
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will give it a try  🙂
Do share with us your creations and do join us in our October challenge.(Details at the beginning of the post.)
Happy Crafting!
& Happy Weekend!
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Hello friends!
Anila here and iam back again at the blog with a tutorial.
But before i get into that, let me tell you…
Our challenge for this month of October is ongoing.
If you missed our previous post,check it out here…

CHALLENGE#16:”Sparkle It Up”

You can create cards, layouts, journal pages, altered art, MDF items, anything crafty and add glamour to your projects in any form, be it foil, glitter, shimmer or anything to sparkle it,to participate…

  • Last date of submission is 31st Oct 2017.

    to win amazing prices!!!

Possible image 1


Coming back to today’s tutorial now….
We often give out gifts to kids for birthdays or even as birthday return gifts.
How about making environment-friendly treat bags to give these gifts.


Today, I am going to show you how to make pretty treat bags using two
stamp sets – Hogs & Kisses and Peek-a-boo.


Possible image 1
Here’s a look at the completed treat bags!


  • A4 sized colored papers
  • Stamp sets (Peek-a-boo and Hogs & Kisses)
  • Archival ink
  • Zig clean markers (or your choice of colors)
  • Scrap papers
  • Satin ribbon/twine
  • Foam adhesive
Possible image 1
A step-by-step pictorial guiding you in making your own treat bags.
so lets begin…



I took an A4 size paper. 
(The paper size would depend on the size of your gift.)
Folded half-inch margin at one edge.
Folded the remaining paper into half.


Folded /Scored half an inch at the one end of this folded paper
and one and a half inch at the other end. 

 Opened the sheet and cut the marked parts. 
On cutting/trimming the marked parts, you get a sheet with scored sides.
 I took Archival ink and my favorite stamp sets.
I took two images from the stamp set and stamped the images randomly all over the sheet (rotating the image randomly) Let the ink dry before the next step.

Here, I have used different colored papers to make the treat bags. You can also use a white sheet and lightly color these stamped images. 
Once the ink dried, I adhered the adhesive tape to the two margins on the sheet. Peeled open the tape and assembled the treat bag by bringing in the sides together. The one and a half inch margin remain open as it is the lid/cover of the treat bag.  Repeated the process with all the three bags.

And the treat bags are ready…. 
To decorate the treat bags….
On a watercolor card-stock, I stamped the critters from the Hogs and Kisses stamp set, using Archival ink. Colored the critters with zig markers and fussy cut them. 
Cut tags from scrap pieces of CS. 
Assemble the tag using the fussy-cut critters and the sentiments. 
Now fill the treat bags, tie a ribbon/twine around it to close it. 
Tie the tag along with the ribbon/twine.
Possible image 1

 Here are all the finished treat bags.

environment-friendly treat bag #1


Possible image 1

environment-friendly treat bag #2

Possible image 1

environment-friendly treat bag #3


Possible image 1
 Hope you enjoyed making these treat bags.
I would love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to join in our craft challenges,(details at the beginning of the post!)
You can  participate via mr.linky (at the end of the challenge post)or via facebook,Instagram and even via email.

Thank you for stopping by.


clear craft stamps, craft papers, craftyscrappers products, Dt inspiration, DT MEMBERS, Handmade Flowers, mixed media art, paper die cut outs, scrapbooks, shimmer spray, simmer sprays

BEAUTIFUL TAGS: a complete tutorial!

Hello friends,

 This is Anila over the blog today,
and i have some tags tutorial to share with you today,
using different techniques and mediums.




Who doesn’t love tags… 🙂
Stampers have used tags for years to create mini works of art.
A tag is small that is not too  intimidating very easy and fun to create..
that is .. it’s okay, even if you mess up.
Tags are great for experimenting with new techniques, too.


So I created these three easy yet fun tags with stamps, inks,
sprays ,stencils and shimmer pastes…


Possible image 1

 Here’s a look at the completed tags:



So lets begin with the tutorial…
(* picture heavy post!)


Possible image 1



To begin with, I took white colored ready tags…
You can even cut them from a white Cardstock,
of any size to create your own custom sized tags.
Ready made TAGS

Took the tag, secured it on the table with washi tape.
Then Secure the stencil over the tag with washi tape.
The stencil that i have used for this tag is from craftyscrappers
and its called,

Take sufficient amount of shimmer paste (Separate stencil and shimmer paste for each tag) and evenly spread it across/through the stencil.
The shimmer paste that i am using here is called,
Repeat the same for all the three tags.
After applying a generous layer of the shimmer paste,
I let it air-dry. (You can heat-set it too!) 
(this is how they look…)
Once dry I sprayed two of the tag with the coordinating shimmer sprays from my DT kit. (Spray each tag separately)
The shimmer pastes and shimmer sprays are extremely versatile and beautiful in itself.
The shimmer sprays that i used here are,
SHIMMER SPRAY-Grape juice and SHIMMER SPRAY-Sweet Pumpkin
(this is how they look…)
For the third tag, I coloured the background using distress ink. 
(Applying Distress inks on the craft mat and picked up the color with water brush) 


Let the tags dry again. 
(this is how they look…)


Next, I started layering the tags with pollens and lots of flowers.
I tried to use the matching colored flowers and pollens for each tag.
Like this stem color tag with coordinating flowers…
I stamped a seperate sentiment for each tag from Craftyscrappers stamp sets
and mounted them on the tag using foam adhesive.
I tied twines along with coordinating ribbon through the punched hole.
Lastly added matching sequins from craftyscrappers to add some elements. 
Possible image 1
Here’s are some of the close-ups of the tags:



For this Tag, i have used the sentiment from the stamp set, “Doodly Blooms”.



Some more close-ups:






Possible image 1





For this Tag, i have used the sentiment from the stamp set, “Elephan-tastic Day!”
ST-ANL-11(elephantastic day)_768x768
Some more close-ups:



And For this Tag, i have used the sentiment from the stamp set, “Elephan-tastic Day!”
Some more close-ups:
So that’s all for today!
It was really exciting playing with the shimmer pastes and the shimmer sprays.
Can you tell me which tag is your favorite?

Do leave your feedback in the comments section.

We will be back with many more interesting projects
& tutorials by our team, so stay tuned!

Love to hear from you. 



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Hello Everyone,
This is Deepti... and I’m so excited to be on CraftyScrappers blog today,
with my first DT post. I hope you have seen my DT kit reveal video yesterday…
If not you can check it here
I got a variety of goodies and some of them I have used in this project that i am going to share with you today.



Possible image 1



I ‘m sure everyone of you must have some empty jam/honey/sauce glass bottles/Jars at home and if you are clueless what to do with those bottles…
Then, continue reading this post and learn with my photo tutorial..
How to covert those plain glass Jars/bottles in to a perfect Home Decor..

So let’s begin… ( picture heavy post)


Possible image 1


Craftyscrappers Supplies used:
Other Supplies used:



Chalk Paint – white

Jute chord

Metal Charms

Possible image 1
Prepare Surface

I took a empty glass Jar, cleaned it’s surface properly and applied a coat of gesso.
A layer of gesso makes the surface ready for painting. 


Empty jar and gesso (before)

After one coat of gesso
Paint the background
Once dried, I painted its surface with white chalk paint ( you can use acrylics too) using sponge and let it air dry.

After applying chalk paint
Add Texture

Then I added the texture with Crafty Scrappers “Shimmer Paste” ( color – Dreams) using “Rose Bunch” stencil. You have to be very patient while doing this step…
I applied the Shimmer paste one side at a time and before applying it to another side ,
I let it air dry ( You can use heat gun to fasten this process :))
Close up to show the shimmer



Embellish it

I have used Jute chord, Metal charms,
Mulberry Roses & Crystal beaded Pollens
from Crafty Scrappers
to decorate my jar.
I loved the outcome…I hope you too…
some more shots.. 🙂 
Possible image 1
Isn’t it Beautiful..
I’m going to plant some succulents in this…
I really enjoyed whole process.
.I hope you will get inspired and make your own master piece for your home sweet home..
Possible image 1
Thank you so much for stopping by!!
I will be more than happy to help you with any query.
Keep watching this space for lots of inspirations & tutorials.
Hugs xx