Terms and conditions!

By using this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions, but CRAFTYSCRAPPERS, reserves the right to refuse to supply goods or services at our discretion and without further explanation.
Some of the items sold on this website include things such as cutting knives and blades while other items may contain small parts and therefore are not suitable for children. These items will require adult supervision and should be kept away from small children due to the threat of choking.

All prices on this site are quoted in Indian Rupees. Payment will be made in Rupees.

Offer and Acceptance

All orders are subject to acceptance and availability. ‘CraftyScrappers-from imagining to creating’,has  the right to change prices without prior notice. This will not affect any order that you have made before these change appear.

Currently we offer the following payment options:

online bank transfer

 Please note that the Delivery time would vary depending on the payment process,Please Note that, it may require time for the transaction to be completed, our CraftyScrappers support team will intimate you once we receive your payment into our account and your order will be processed.

For any queries please feel free to mail us at:http://www.craftyscrappers@gmail.com


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